Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

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What is CannAMP?

CannAMP consists of liposomal palmitoylethanolamide.
Palmitoylethanolamide is an endogenous (manufactured by the body) fatty acid amide that has been put into a liposomal formulation to improve the product


What are the benefits of CannAMP?

CannAMP is a safe compound that helps with pain and inflammation
So: “Having in mind the fact that CannAMP works both on the pain pathways and the cause of the pain itself and that it is completely safe”

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What makes CannAMP unique?

The active ingredient in CannAMP is not only micronized (smaller grains – made smaller for better absorption) but also put in a unique liposomal formulation
There are several advantages of CannAMP, most notably improved bioavailability and less breakdown in the digestive system. So, more effective for what you ingest. CannAMP is also endorsed by the CRI