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Who is the CRI?

The Cannabis Research Institute (CRI) is the first Centre of Excellence within the field of cannabis and cannabinoid therapy management in Africa. The institute aims to advance medicinal, veterinary and complementary cannabis drug development by utilizing cutting-edge research methodologies.
Part of its approach is to eradicate sub-par products from the commercial market, and the CRI has undertaken a product endorsement initiative to help facilitate this.

CRI Endorsement: About

What does a CRI endorsement mean

CRI-endorsed products are evaluated on several strict criteria, including potency of the actives, quality of the product(s), compliancy with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) regulations and shelf-life stability. Only those products that pass their rigorous testing are endorsed, ensuring only products of the highest standard are endorsed.
We are proud to have CannAMP included in the range of CRI-endorsed products. Consumers can therefore have peace of mind when using CannAMP and be assured that it is of premium quality.

CRI Endorsement: About
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